Benji baby (benji_baby) wrote,
Benji baby

Ahh....sweet Wednesday

Dammit! I have 2 tests today, 2 essays due today, and one college app due in 2 days.


I think that this Journal is going to be modeled after James' from now on: It will only be used to create fictitious stories about people I know.

First on the Chopping block: Jessica Heaney.

Despite the fact that she is looking over my shoulder right now, I feel that it is necessary to defame her character.

Jessica is a necrophiliac. Sad, but true. Shes a great girl despite this morbid fancy with dead men. In fact, shes an upstanding young citizen. For example, last year at softball camp, she put on a magic show for the children, in which she made an entire softball bat dissappear.

Until next time, in the words of Colleen Heaney, {with whom I have "buried the hatchet" so to speak}: Tootles loyal readers.

Next Episode: Kenneth Cooke
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