Benji baby (benji_baby) wrote,
Benji baby

Portrait of a spanish class, and other rantings

Im sitting here drinking snapple peach ice tea. I'm quite bored, and i decided that making an entry in this journal would be the best way to pass the time.

Does anybody even read these things anymore? The craze is dying in GHS. It was inevitable.

Someone rearranged the keys on a nearby keyboard. The middle line of keys now spells out "HEYFUCKYOU"

Does anyone know where the fuck Andrew Cadwallader is? He disappears every now and then. It angers me.

Vacation was good. I went turns out im actually pretty good. I stopped using poles and i spent a lot of time learning to do jumps. Next time im gonna use those ski-blades, or snow-blades, or mini-boards, or sled-dogs, or ski-boards, or whatever the hell they are called.

Fuck i hate school. I could be working right now and making money....but instead im writing a summary of Hamlet. Useless. (Not Hamlet, the summary)

11 Days till pantera. FUCK YEA.

im bored. Must go now.

Here are some personal shout-outs for those of you who may read this thing:

CKB: Start a livejournal.

Cleen: I dont know what to say except "Latino men are sexy"

Tanis: Where are you? We havent talked in ages!
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