Benji baby (benji_baby) wrote,
Benji baby


Its been about 2 weeks since my last entry...time for a new one...

After vacation, anna and i had a huge fight...we didnt speak for a week....but we are friends now. I dont think we will ever be an item again....which is actually a good thing for now at least....but at least we are friends

i havent been accepted to Northeastern yet.....hopefully my letter will come soon.

my car is going into the shop tomorrow...I wont have it all week. That really sucks...I basically live in my car.

i need to find a way to make money. If only i was 18. So many opportunities.....

I want to visit Tanis. I havent seen her in months. Shes the coolest person on earth. No one can hold a candle to her. Her livejournal name is redredno. You gotta check her out.

im so bored. I gotta find something constructive to do......AND I HATE SCHOOL. Are midterms here yet? Then true senioritis will set in! I cant fuckin wait!
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