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I partied tonit for the first time in a while. It felt damn good too. I cant wait till midterms are basically means that im done with high school.

I miss anna a lot. I really do love her. Shes the greatest. She told me that she loves me...that means a lot to me. I cant wait till she gets back from florida. Fuck! I tried calling her, but the assholes at disneyworld kept connecting me to the wrong room. 3 times I called, and 3 times they connected me to the room next to hers. Those snotty people had this little kid named Ray who kept answering the phone. "RAY GET OFF THE PZHONE" they would say...each time. Then the father {i think} called me bubba. Bubba? what the fuck?

I finally connected t her room and she wasnt there. Poetic justice i guess.

I wanted to buy hera diamond something for christmas....but i cant afford it. Must think of smart alternative. going to sleep...i cant think straight!

Buh bye!
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