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Things are in limbo now...I might be back together with Anna, I might not. We act like a couple {i think}. I really hope this is for real. We're going to Manhattan tomorrow. Should be fun. Maybe I can finally start my Christmas shopping.

I miss Tanis. I would love to hang out with her and talk about stuff. personally, I just need someone, anyone, to talk to. Preferably an uber-intellectual like Tanis.

Plus, I have no idea whats going on in her life. Im sorry babe. I cant decipher your latest journals! Who did you puke on? The new Ben?

She puked on the old one too.

Im delirious and incoherent and hot because this room is overheated. Here comes the headache

{moan} Fuck. I think we're in bat country......{WHAM} one.
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