Benji baby (benji_baby) wrote,
Benji baby

Fuck Everybody

Im tired. I just got home from work, and Anna's house. I hop on the computer, check out livejournal, and discover that James' innocent ruse has caused a small firestorm.

James made a comment about my relationship with Anna {the age thing} and people responded. Normally im not even slightly agitated at people's comments, however, one Anonymous person wrote "He has one year, then he can be snagged and burned"

Perhaps im reading into it too much {theres more than that one line}, but it sounds as if they actually want to see me behind bars or something. I feel threatened. I dont like being threatened. If one more person EVER says anything to me about "pedophile" going to snap. I will be in jail, but not for rape.

....Because I dont care who you are. If you use livejournal, and you arent James, then I can kick your ass, or at least do some damage to you.

This is my last warning.
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