Benji baby (benji_baby) wrote,
Benji baby

Heh heh

Word of Colleen's journal is all over school. She is officially a laughingstock. Ironically, I only told a select few about her journal!....And ive just gotten word from college kids in Boston and Maryland that they are reading it!

Every day, people come up to me, asking if she is for real..... Morgant laughed at the idea of "ex-girlfriend revenge", saying "I'd have to give her props just for the idea"

Somehow, Colleen heard through the grapevine about that, {Probbly Jess} and posted it on her site in the wrong context. Morgant and I are friends dammit!

I have a feeling that Colleen is going to be tarred and feathered in the near future. She talks shit about everyone in the school, and regardless of the fact that this is "her journal where she can write private things", people can still read it, and people can still kick her ass.
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