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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
4:58 pm
Wow, this is my first post in over 3 years. I totally forgot I had a Livejournal until someone responded to one of my posts recently. (Who posts a response to a 3-year-old thread anyways?) :)

A lot of things have happened since then...umm...heres 3 years of history in a simple list.

1. Graduated High School - 06/01
2. Started dating Teresa - 06/01
3. 9/11
4. College at Northeastern University - 09/01
5. Quit Northeastern due to suckiness and expensiveness - 06/02
6. Job at Radioshack/ Commute to crappy college - 07/02
7. College at SUNY Buffalo - 08/03
8. Finish first year at UB - Yesterday
9. 3 years with Teresa - In a month

I left out some details, just in case you didn't know.

Its kind of funny to see the stuff I wrote back in high school. I was such a melodramatic fuck. Lol. But what teen isn't?
Tuesday, February 27th, 2001
8:37 am
Portrait of a spanish class, and other rantings
Im sitting here drinking snapple peach ice tea. I'm quite bored, and i decided that making an entry in this journal would be the best way to pass the time.

Does anybody even read these things anymore? The craze is dying in GHS. It was inevitable.

Someone rearranged the keys on a nearby keyboard. The middle line of keys now spells out "HEYFUCKYOU"

Does anyone know where the fuck Andrew Cadwallader is? He disappears every now and then. It angers me.

Vacation was good. I went skiing....it turns out im actually pretty good. I stopped using poles and i spent a lot of time learning to do jumps. Next time im gonna use those ski-blades, or snow-blades, or mini-boards, or sled-dogs, or ski-boards, or whatever the hell they are called.

Fuck i hate school. I could be working right now and making money....but instead im writing a summary of Hamlet. Useless. (Not Hamlet, the summary)

11 Days till pantera. FUCK YEA.

im bored. Must go now.

Here are some personal shout-outs for those of you who may read this thing:

CKB: Start a livejournal.

Cleen: I dont know what to say except "Latino men are sexy"

Tanis: Where are you? We havent talked in ages!
Wednesday, February 14th, 2001
8:51 am
like woah!

I havent updates in forever. And the last few weeks have been.....well......neato.
I stopped grieving over anna and moved on. Unfortunately she decided to come forward and tell me that she still had feelings for me.

Oh well.

Im with Courtney now. And im having lots of fun. Shes damn cool.

Its valentines day. Im wearing all black.

IM GOING SKIING ON MONDAY!!!! I cant fuckin wait. I havent gone in 3 years. Literally.

Im gonna go.

Buh bye

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, January 14th, 2001
11:24 pm
Its been about 2 weeks since my last entry...time for a new one...

After vacation, anna and i had a huge fight...we didnt speak for a week....but we are friends now. I dont think we will ever be an item again....which is actually a good thing for now at least....but at least we are friends

i havent been accepted to Northeastern yet.....hopefully my letter will come soon.

my car is going into the shop tomorrow...I wont have it all week. That really sucks...I basically live in my car.

i need to find a way to make money. If only i was 18. So many opportunities.....

I want to visit Tanis. I havent seen her in months. Shes the coolest person on earth. No one can hold a candle to her. Her livejournal name is redredno. You gotta check her out.

im so bored. I gotta find something constructive to do......AND I HATE SCHOOL. Are midterms here yet? Then true senioritis will set in! I cant fuckin wait!
Monday, January 1st, 2001
10:13 pm
The 21st century. It feels...so...so...much like yesterday....

oh well.

Annas coming back! Yay! her flight out of Orlando was cancelled, so they had to drive back. Poor them. its gonna take about 36 hours to get back with the weather and stops and sleeping.

My goddamn eyes itch

ummm....i dont really have much else to say. I had a snowball fight today. First time since like 8th grade. what fun! Bobo's party was awesome.

im going to bed....i forgot that i have school tomorrow.....{sigh} only 3 m,ore weeks till midterms, then im done with this bullshit.


Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, December 29th, 2000
12:29 am
I partied tonit for the first time in a while. It felt damn good too. I cant wait till midterms are over.....it basically means that im done with high school.

I miss anna a lot. I really do love her. Shes the greatest. She told me that she loves me...that means a lot to me. I cant wait till she gets back from florida. Fuck! I tried calling her, but the assholes at disneyworld kept connecting me to the wrong room. 3 times I called, and 3 times they connected me to the room next to hers. Those snotty people had this little kid named Ray who kept answering the phone. "RAY GET OFF THE PZHONE" they would say...each time. Then the father {i think} called me bubba. Bubba? what the fuck?

I finally connected t her room and she wasnt there. Poetic justice i guess.

I wanted to buy hera diamond something for christmas....but i cant afford it. Must think of smart alternative.

ack.....im going to sleep...i cant think straight!

Buh bye!

Current Mood: drunk
12:22 am
I partied tonit for the first time in w while.
Monday, December 18th, 2000
10:02 pm
Anger and depression go hand in hand, and for me, they are easily interchanged.

Colleen says I need to be less attached to anna. True. She says I need to be the old ben....

Ok. Fine. Yeah...whatever happened to that lovable, violent, misanthropic alcoholic anyway? Oh well....Hes coming back!

Im partying like its 1999 this weekend....Sans anna. If you see me at a party, just dont step on my unconscious ass. Please.

Fuckin bloody hell, i have so much i want to say, but I dont want to burn my bridges. Not yet at least.

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, December 15th, 2000
1:13 pm
Things are in limbo now...I might be back together with Anna, I might not. We act like a couple {i think}. I really hope this is for real. We're going to Manhattan tomorrow. Should be fun. Maybe I can finally start my Christmas shopping.

I miss Tanis. I would love to hang out with her and talk about stuff. personally, I just need someone, anyone, to talk to. Preferably an uber-intellectual like Tanis.

Plus, I have no idea whats going on in her life. Im sorry babe. I cant decipher your latest journals! Who did you puke on? The new Ben?

She puked on the old one too.

Im delirious and incoherent and hot because this room is overheated. Here comes the headache

{moan} Fuck. I think we're in bat country......{WHAM}....got one.

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, December 13th, 2000
1:20 pm
oye vey!
Dawn and Jeremy told me that Anna was trying to cheat on me with Jeremy...they said that she put the moves on him, but Jeremy had too much integrity to do anything. I was enraged.

Anna and Jeannie told me that Jeremy was lying, and that he put the moves on her, and that they went through with the cheating {they kissed}...anna said she had no choice because he forced her to do it.

I confused. I sad. I dont know what to think. I dont know who to believe or to what degree of truth each exposes. I depressed. I dont think I will ever trust anyone again in my life. I never truly trusted anyone, but i was hoping that someday soon I would be able to. This event, and this relationship has solidified my opinions. I will never trust, and I will never love again.

She told me at the beginning that I would get hurt. Why dont I ever listen?

Love does not exist. Ive never experienced it. Only lust. Lust is undying, and sometimes when lust becomes overpowering, the victim believes they are in love. Ive felt lust, both on the giving and recieving end, and I thought Ive given love, but Ive never felt it in return.

So Ive resigned myself to the fact that I merely felt lust towards my ex-girls, and that I can never be loved or fill the void that i feel.

I should be happy now. "He who expects nothing is blessed, for he shall never be dissappointed"

Please excuse me if thats not the exact quote. Im in Chem class and cant consult the bible. Science and religion dont mix.

Current Mood: lonely
Monday, December 11th, 2000
8:53 am
theres a' doings transpiring. I will inform ya later, but it aint good.

And im single....for the moment....sort of....i think.

Current Mood: rejected
Thursday, December 7th, 2000
7:10 pm
Ken Cooke
Ahh yes, Ken Cooke. An intelligent, upstanding, charitable individual.....or is he?

Ambrose Turp IV {aka Ken Cooke} was the 7th child of a door-to-door butterchurn salesman. Ambrose knew many hardships growing up, as he was sold into servitude by his parents, and forced to toil on a dirt farm in Tennessee.

After fleeing the south, Ambrose made his way North, towards the land of oppurtunity: Orient.

He legally changed his name to Ken Cooke, and now conspires against humanity in an underground lair near the firehouse.

Although he seems harmless enough, Ken is planning to unleash his zoinky army of surly crack-babies upon the North Fork, creating havoc and increased traffic on Front Street.

If you see this man, please do not confront him. He may be armed and philosophical.

Next on the chopping block: James Bond
Wednesday, December 6th, 2000
8:18 am
Ahh....sweet Wednesday
Dammit! I have 2 tests today, 2 essays due today, and one college app due in 2 days.


I think that this Journal is going to be modeled after James' from now on: It will only be used to create fictitious stories about people I know.

First on the Chopping block: Jessica Heaney.

Despite the fact that she is looking over my shoulder right now, I feel that it is necessary to defame her character.

Jessica is a necrophiliac. Sad, but true. Shes a great girl despite this morbid fancy with dead men. In fact, shes an upstanding young citizen. For example, last year at softball camp, she put on a magic show for the children, in which she made an entire softball bat dissappear.

Until next time, in the words of Colleen Heaney, {with whom I have "buried the hatchet" so to speak}: Tootles loyal readers.

Next Episode: Kenneth Cooke
Sunday, December 3rd, 2000
11:03 pm
Fuck Everybody
Im tired. I just got home from work, and Anna's house. I hop on the computer, check out livejournal, and discover that James' innocent ruse has caused a small firestorm.

James made a comment about my relationship with Anna {the age thing} and people responded. Normally im not even slightly agitated at people's comments, however, one Anonymous person wrote "He has one year, then he can be snagged and burned"

Perhaps im reading into it too much {theres more than that one line}, but it sounds as if they actually want to see me behind bars or something. I feel threatened. I dont like being threatened. If one more person EVER says anything to me about "pedophile" etc.......im going to snap. I will be in jail, but not for rape.

....Because I dont care who you are. If you use livejournal, and you arent James, then I can kick your ass, or at least do some damage to you.

This is my last warning.
Thursday, November 30th, 2000
9:06 am
Colleen has officially abolished commenting on her journal. Oh well. Its the end of an era i guess.

I wonder what Tanis is up to....I havent spoken with her in a a couple of days. Shes cool. Im still her floppy-brown-puppy-flamingo. Thats neat.

Anna doesnt have any pet names for me......i think that needs to change.
Monday, November 27th, 2000
8:52 pm
whered my fuckin beard thinger go????? It was attached to my face this morning....but its gone now! {sob}


T'was a good beard thinger. Not quite a goatee, due to the fact it didnt go above my lip....not quite a beard, because of its diminutive size...

But t'was a good beard thinger nonetheless.

I {boo hoo} loved that little tuft of fur that sprouted from my chin, but alas, it tickled her when i kissed her.

.......Except it really didnt. BLOODY HELL! It was my damn toungue all along!

But fear not, gentle reader. The disappearance of my beard thinger paves the way for a new generation of facial hair. Yes, i am growing a "Kevin Urban line beardy"

starting now.....
Sunday, November 26th, 2000
8:57 pm
Ive been so happy these past 2 weeks. Anna is the greatest. I love her smell.....I love her body......I love her mind......I love her personality {except for when shes almost cops an attitude at psychotic guys in pick-up trucks}......I love being with her.....talking to her.....

......I love......her.
4:03 pm
There are humans with 6 fingers on their left hands.

I dont know about the right, but there is a dominant trait that causes humans to grow a sixth digit on the left hand. Because it is a dominant trait, all of humantiy will eventually have 6 fingers on their left hand...

...unless we do something now...

Monday, November 20th, 2000
11:09 pm
FUCK YES!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAH!!! YES YES YES!!! FUCK YES! Life is good. Tanis and I just had a really good convo. Friends again.

and i gotta go to bed.
3:58 pm
Heh heh
Word of Colleen's journal is all over school. She is officially a laughingstock. Ironically, I only told a select few about her journal!....And ive just gotten word from college kids in Boston and Maryland that they are reading it!

Every day, people come up to me, asking if she is for real..... Morgant laughed at the idea of "ex-girlfriend revenge", saying "I'd have to give her props just for the idea"

Somehow, Colleen heard through the grapevine about that, {Probbly Jess} and posted it on her site in the wrong context. Morgant and I are friends dammit!

I have a feeling that Colleen is going to be tarred and feathered in the near future. She talks shit about everyone in the school, and regardless of the fact that this is "her journal where she can write private things", people can still read it, and people can still kick her ass.
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